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Welcome to Direkted, your trusted partner in navigating the complex and evolving areas of governance, risk and compliance. 


Direkted provides comprehensive general counsel and consulting services tailored to both burgeoning start-ups and well-established corporations, and the private individuals or families behind those enterprises.  


General counsel services typically offers a holistic outlook on legal matters that applies to an organisation, and provides commercial as well as strategic legal advice. 


With a focus on accommodating companies in start-up to maturing mode who may not yet be ready for full-time legal counsel, we also serve mature and established organisations seeking top-tier legal and commercial guidance.


Corporate clients may require traditional legal services, or legal consulting services. The latter takes on an advisory role that is more project based and risk management focussed. 


Direkted provides independent assurance and audit services to regulated entities in compliance with applicable laws.  


Our commitment to your success is unwavering, and we offer an array of services which will be tailored to your requirements. 

Corporate clients

Private clients

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Why Governance Risk and Compliance?

Sound governance, risk and compliance frameworks and systems are essential to the existence, growth and success of any venture. 


It entrenches resilience and adds value to an organisation.


It protects against the significant costs and penalties of  non-compliance, and protects the financial position and reputation of an organisation.


A one-size-fits-all approach does not work in this discipline. 


Each entity is unique depending on its size, market share, positioning, risk exposure, and the laws by which it is governed.


Copying frameworks used by others usually lead to any of unnecessary, under or over-regulation.


A governance and compliance framework created by design will yield the best results and allow an entity to weather a storm, and gives it the best chance to thrive. 


Consider a well designed GRC framework as having a ‘set and mostly forget’ autopilot setting. Once created it is monitored for small and incremental changes to keep abreast with developments and changes driven by growth. 

With significant experience gained in Australia and international financial centers, Direkted offers a fresh approach in evaluating and implementing GRC frameworks.


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